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    The Montpellier graphite property is located approximately 67 kilometres north-northeast of Ottawa, Ont. The property hosts graphite mineralization in a zone 15 meters wide, and exposed through historical drilling and trenching over a strike length of 250 meters. Historical drilling at Montpellier included one drill hole with a weighted average of 10.47% Cg over 44.97 meters and 12.33% Cg over 21.64 meters.

    The Montpellier property covers 359 contiguous hectares, with graphite mineralization associated with the highly metamorphosed sedimentary rocks of the Grenville geological sub-province. The lithologies include quartzofeldspathic and garnetiferous paragneiss, with the graphite mineralization occurring as large flakes interbedded parallel to the schistosity of the paragneisses. The main graphite zone has a width of about 15 meters and was traced by means of trenching and drilling for more than 250 meters along strike. Two other graphite zones occur 575 meters east of the main zone of mineralization. Assay results from historical drilling performed in the 1980′s reported a weighted average of 10.47% Cg over 44.97 meters and 12.33% Cg over 21.65 meters (1984, Ministere de l’Energie et de Ressources Quebec, Report Nos. GM42965, 80p; GM41744, 41p.). Note that estimates of true thickness were not determined in the historical drilling.

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